Break the rules

We love to be different, we don’t believe on set order, so we are here to break with everything. Bring the party in your pocket, let the Mifuwi rhythm capture your heart when you start drinking and, leave it again in your pocket to keep dancing, eating, sunbathing or hanging out with your friends.

Live the MIFUWI expirience

We put the fun, you do the rest. With Mifuwi you can live a wide kind of flavors, feelings and innovation. There is a Mifuwi for you, try it and find it! Enjoy it wherever you want, however you want an with whoever you want. Just bring the party with you!

Never before was so easy to have fun!

Easy to bring with you, drink and enjoy. This unique drink has it everything to be the best one. Take it easy!

¿What is  logo_mifuwi- vectorizado png ?

MIFUWI is an alternative alcoholic beverage for the bravest ones.

A flexible packaging? Yes, we break the rules with everything, this is our personality. You can enjoy it in an alternative way whenever you want, and with whoever you want!

Bola reducida

Let the fun begin!

Just enjoy!

These are the kings of the party! Join them:

logo_mifuwi- vectorizado png

Where can you buy MIFUWI?

Our distribution network is growing exponentially. We are in Spain, the UK, the USA and Mexico for now. We are on many airlines and trains. We are in major supermarkets and hotels. We are growing big!

Whether you’d like to make a professional enquiry or a general enquiry, you can contact us using this form: